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  2. Yoooo Funk!!! It’s another brother from Windsor commenting hear .. I’m glad to hear you guys are definitely at least thinking you’ll be coming down .. But here’s why I need to comment … If you guys do come down which I hope happens … Can you please put the Windsor name on the tour shirt? I need a Five Alarm with my home town on it … Proof!! Lol

    • Hey Trevor, we’ll see what the tour shirts are like this year… just come and say hi after the show and we can snap some photos as evidence!

  3. Gentlemen! Trusting that you are well rested from your winter hibernation and newly inspired by the chaos fostered by slumber’s deep and abiding dreams! When do you return to the Deep South–Windsor, Ontario–where your disciples wait with great anticipation to dance euphorically to the sound of your measured funk?

    • Hi Peter, I sense that the FUNK is STRONG with you. Stay tuned for our full summer tour schedule to be announced soon.

      • Looking forward to the TOUR 2016 Schedule.

        Yes…the Funk is strong with me! We should all possess a strong funk. We should be “funkacious”!

        May the funk be with you!

        See you on your anticipated return to the Deep South!


  4. Hey Y’all,

    Are you coming out to the Red Dog in Peterborough again this summer? Peterborough would love to have you!

    • Hey Nick, we would LOVE to come back to the Red Dog. Stay tuned for a full tour schedule in the next week or so.
      May the FUNK be with you!

    • Thanks Chris! We’ll keep bringing the funk if you keep bringing the party! Keep your ears peeled for tour announcements soon, Nelson is DEFINITELY on our wish list for the Summer!

  5. Had the pleasure to see you guys perform in the summer of 2014 in a small town called Sarnia (Ontario). Just wanted to let you know, we can’t wait to see you guys again around here. Come back soon 😉

    • Nothing in Vancouver planned after our Halloween show at the Vogue Oct 30th. We will be ringing in the New Year in Bellingham at the Wild Buffalo if you feel like a road trip!

  6. I saw you guys in Winnipeg last week and literally have not stopped listening to your music. Please, please , please! Come back soon, never in my life have I had so much fun at a show!

  7. Hey guys! You ever think of coming to Denver, Colorado? I saw you at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, 2012, and would love to see ya again.

    • Hey Zack, we would love to come to Denver! Where should we be playing? Talk to your local venues and tell them to look us up!

        • Thanks Kyle! Talk to your local venues and tell them to look us up! We are planning to make a run down the west coast in late October so stay tuned…

          • I’m going down the coast in October too! Keep us posted on those dates so we can make a show or two!! Or more!!

  8. Hey! I really want to go to the Edmonton show sunday but I have to work t’il 7. When will you guys play t’il/actually start? I don’t want to miss it!

  9. Oh Mannn!! Just saw has for the very first time Saskatoon, Sk on Canada Day. E-N-E-R-G-Y WOWY!! I wanna do this again. See has in Regina in July.

  10. You guys really need to come to Lloydminster….. They have and awesome theatre and this town could use some culture!

    • We aren’t making it to the east coast this summer but hopefully we’ll be back to shred for you soon!

  11. Have fun at North Country Fair! Best festival ever (in the middle of nowhere!) I wish I was there. I saw you in Vancouver last weekend and the roof tore off the building, and a funk-filled purple sky said our souls would be forever rock and roll thanks you angels of dirty musical revelry.

  12. No stop in Nelson? :( Maybe in the fall? My feeling is hurt…until you come back to Nelson. Then my feeling won’t hurt anymore.

    • Wacky Gourd Guy (AKA Nedster) is still performing and recording with the band, he just can’t make it on any extended tours. Keep checking the website and we will be announcing a CD release tour in the future…

  13. Saw you guys for the first time at Jasper Folkfest a few days ago – *Mind-Blown*!! How the hell you guys play so incredibly tight while bouncing around the way you do on stage… I have no idea. Never was into funk b4, but am terminally funked-over now! Your fan for life. Can’t wait until you start touring Europe.

  14. Just saw you guys at your North Van, B.C. Aug. 17 show. I regret that I only just discovered you at this venue. My sister who loves you, dragged me along, having no idea of what to expect. I was quite blown away by what I heard and saw! Friggin’ Wow!!! Amazing!! Loved it! I so need to see another show! Looking forward to your next album and video… on or
    around November 1? Gotta have that “Higgs Boson”!!!

  15. Stumbled upon your act at Evolve. Incredible. Didn’t know who you were going in and it was the best live performance I’ve ever seen. Will be following you guys in the future. Hope you are enjoying the east coast. Get to PEI someday!

  16. Hi,
    I thought you were playing at Tin Horn Creek Winery on Aug. 24th, but I don’t see it on the list here.
    Are there any other wineries or small venues you’re playing at in and around Penticton this summer?
    My kids have made me a huge fan!
    Looking forward to seeing you live!

    • Hi Elizabeth, the Tinhorn Creek show is still happening. I’ll add it to the list, hope to see you there!

  17. Hey! You guys should play the Open Sky Music Festival in Edmonton again this summer!! I’ve had the incredible pleasure of seeing you at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival the last two summers, and last year at the Open Sky Festival. The Albertan girls would love for you to bring some of that BC sunshiney funk our way!!!

      • Sorry Jeremiah, due to some legal issues we will be on a short hiatus of touring south of the border. Hopefully we will be back before the end of the year!

        • I hope u do its been awhile since I’ve seen you guys and I still listen to your music regularly but it’s not the same as live! You guys always put on a kick ass show!!! Ill keep checking back!

  18. Saw you in Canadian Music Week in Toronto last year and loved it sooo much! You’ve got to come to Quebec City, pleeaaase! :-)

  19. Hey, applications to play at the winnipeg folk fest are up and you guys should apply… You would be a great fit there!
    Hope to see you in thunder bay again soon!

    • Hey Jolene!!! Nothin as of now, were shredding hard to get new material worked out!! It ain’t all fun and games :) if you haven’t already, join up on FB, its the best way to get our tour details and contact us!!! Cheers, much love FAF

      • I used to get to see you cats in the West Kootenay, but now I live in Regina (for the time being); please put us on your tour list and let me know when you can come – I’ll bring a group of people with me. ~~~

  20. Hi. You rocked my sky at O’Hanlons in Regina earlier in the summer. Blew my mind apart. I showed the new record to my dad. He’s a jazz stand up bass player that has been playing in Regina for almost 50 years. He sat there and listened to the entire album with me; he’s never listed to a whole song of anything i’ve shown him. The first thing he said was, you can hear the Tower of Power and Jaco Pastorius influence. He said, if these guys went to Paris, they’d never let em leave, world class. Personally, I like the fact that you guys seem to focus on touring Canada and playing smaller shows close to home … ‘keepin in real’ I think is the term. Anyway, keep it up bros.


  21. Caught your show at “Sunfest” in London. Best funk ever and super talented musicians. I’m a pro keyboard player and I really really dig your arrangements. Thanks for the trip.

  22. Any chance of making if far east.

    We`d love to see you at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton, NB

    • We love playing festivals. It really helps if you tell the organizers of Harvest Jazz and Blues that you want to see us there. Thanks!

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    • Five Alarm Funk in Waterloo at Maxwell’s House of Music May 28th!!!! Spread the word buddy! We’ll see you there!

  24. I’m having 5-A funk withdrawls…

    Your concert was da BOMB in Vancouver … come home come home come home and funk us into the New Year!!! ;D

  25. Thank you so much for two days of funkadlic satisfaction. I caught both acts at Londons sunfest it was awesome. My girlfriend dumped me at the 10 oclock show and it actually did not effect me till after the set was over hahaha. You guys rule hope I get another chance to see you sometime soon.

  26. Loved having you guys come down to Jazz Bones in Tacoma last weekend! Our group were Five Alarm virgins and we had a blast! The energy and talent in your band is amazing. Come see us again soon!

  27. Just throwing it out there as I don’t see your fall schedule. I’m getting married in the fall and was wondering if October 1st, FAF might make my day sweaty and funky! Would love to hear if I can book the band or not…

  28. im so very happy you guys are playing the buffalo again. i went to your last show there and loved your energy/music! im now looking really forward to next friday. thank you for coming around again!

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